Ever-Safe has designed and is currently manufacturing our very own line of socks in the United States! These socks are great for people both standing or sitting down for long periods of time throughout the day.

Launched at the Midwest Podiatry Conference in March of 2011 after 8 months of extended testing in different markets; Ever-Safe believes we have created a state of the art sock line that add support and cushion to the lower legs and feet allowing increased blood flow. In addition we have added an anti-microbial agent (guaranteed not to wash out) for odor and bacteria control.

The Ever-Safe sock line has STA-Cool moisture wicking technology and is made from polyester (cotton feeds bacteria). Guaranteed stay up top. Available in 4 styles (no-show, quarter) in white and (crew and over the calf) in black and white (black will not fade).

The Ever-Safe Diabetic sock (unisex) is (available in crew/white) was launched in June. The diabetic sock has the same great material properties while having a stay-up top and added cushion to help protect the toe area. Check them out in our store!

Launched in August the EVER-PINK-SOCK licensed with the Breast Cancer Foundation; with the same properties as our regular sock line and available in quarter length for men and all styles and sizes for women. Check them out in our store!